Calling In "The One” Coaching

I am generally a person who chases any opportunity to increase my self-awareness and my self – advancement. In mid-2018, life brought about such an opportunity when I was introduced to the life-altering work of Katherine Woodward Thomas and her book, “Calling in The One.” At first, I took it as just another chance to further my commitment to being a lifetime learner, but I had little insight into the beautiful and healing journey I was about to embark upon. The true meaning within the title itself was unveiled to me as I dove deeper into her words and realized that “The One” was referring to myself! 

This study of “Calling in The One” taught me the importance of focusing on myself first and foremost. The foundation of all healthy relationships begins with the ability to have a strong relationship with one’s self.  The relationships we have with others tend to mirror the type of relationship we have with ourselves. Cultivate a healthy and balanced relationship with self and all other relationships will mirror this back. This simple but powerful principle is one of the motivators for me becoming a Certified "Calling in The One” Coach.

"If you’re searching for that one person that can change your life…Look in the Mirror."           











As human beings, it is almost automatic to want to focus outside yourself when life and love are not happening in a way that you want it to. Throughout this coaching journey with me, you will be guided in self-reflection in order to understand yourself as the source of your experience in love and in life. You will learn to dissolve the old patterns that have prevented love from taking root in your life. You will be inspired to take on the cultivation of new ways of relating to yourself and others to change the results you have been getting in your life from relationships. Ultimately, you will learn new skills and important capacities that will enhance your opportunities for finding love. 


Life is a journey, not a sprint! We are all in this together, and I firmly believe that there is love and enlightenment for those that are courageous and willing to take the time to work towards it.




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The best place to start is with yourself!