About Jonathan

Certified Life Coach


My purpose and passion is to empower human beings to become conscious of their true value, power and identity. Life has positioned me in such a way that I have been a positive agent of change in people’s lives.  

A Life of Servitude

Seven years ago I accepted the call to become a public servant and join the local police department.  Working in the capacity as a police officer has exposed me to humanity on an entirely different level.


I've worked with people of high power, influence, authority and with people of total disregard for human life and feelings. I embraced the mentor role of training the graduates of the police academy to develop the specialized skill to survive patrolling the streets. 


Within that mentor role, I found myself coaching and mentoring these individuals on topics well beyond the uniform and the badge, and witnessed the powerful impact on their personal lives. After spending years in this profession, I've been able to experience humanity in a special way which gives me a distinct perspective as a Life Coach.